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Complete an Application

If you believe that Global Minds is the right fit for your school or community, head to the bottom of the page. The application is simple and should only take less than an hour! It will ask for your name, ways/times to contact you, and information about your community.
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Receive a Toolkit

If your chapter application has been accepted, you will receive a chapter toolkit from Global Minds. It will include a copy of the curriculum, leadership guides, t-shirts, and lots of other goodies!
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Recruit Chapter Leadership

The Global Minds toolkit will provide guidelines for leaders, including tips on recruitment and meeting facilitation.
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Plan Programming

Using your Global Minds toolkit, which includes a multitude of fun, educational, and engaging activities, planning programming will be simple for your chapter.
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Get to Know the Global Minds community!

Create an account on the Global Minds Hub. Share your pictures, stories, and knowledge with local and global Global Minds community.


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Diverse Student Population

Global Minds Initiative specifically targets school districts with ethnically and racially diverse student population
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Potential for Youth-Adult Partnership

Global Minds Initiative is youth-led and adult allies are an integral part of ensuring the program is sustainable and inclusive
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Commitment to Global Minds

Global Minds Initiative students are committed to our mission and model