Global Minds Initiative hosts multiple conferences every year aimed at developing youth leadership potential. Student leaders are trained by other youth leaders on facilitation, peace building, conflict mediation, action planning, and practicing cultural humility.

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Youth-Adult Partnerships

Youth and Adults play different roles in Global Minds. As a Youth-led organization, youth and adults learn how to work together as partners with equitable positons
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Leading Courageous Conversations and Activities

Youth use the safe but brave space approach to have important conversations about identity, culture, and power and privilege. Youth learn to lead conversations in ways that challenge and push back respectfully.
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Community Engagement

Youth learn how to engage community partners, and include community partners in the broader conversation of inclusivity.
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Facilitation and Action-Planning

Youth learn to facilitate and lead activities and plan programming successfully.



Evidence-Based: The curriculum is based on educational methods and standards shown to improve learning and social development outcomes


Comprehensive: The curriculum is a collection of activities from various education-based, play-based, and leadership development programs


Equity-focused: The curriculum promotes learning and collaboration centered on ideals of social justice and equity





“I learned that no matter who you are you’re special and I saw that there is more people like me.”

-Camp Global Minds ESL Participant