Global Minds Initiative is a for-youth, by-youth organization created to combat the issues of cultural intolerance and discrimination through an after school tutoring program between English-as-a-Second-Language (ESL) and Native English Speaking (NES) students.

Global Minds serves as an educational support system for ESL students, while educating NES students about other cultures, in order to create more globally minded young leaders.



Bibhuti Aryal

Co-Founder & CEO, Rukmini Foundation

Jenna Barron

Jenna Baron

Executive Director, ARYSE

Kevin Bolding

Kevin Bolding

President & CEO, YMCA of Greater Pittsburgh

The low level photograph was made from the north shore of the Allegheny River. The higher view was photographed from the West end along the Ohio River.

Betty Cruz

Director, Change Agency


Gisele Fetterman

Co-Founder & Chair Emeritus, 412 Food Rescue

Founder, The Freestore 15104

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Michael Klein

Attorney, Blumling & Gusky LLP


Kheir Mugwaneza

Allegheny Health Network


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Peyton Klein

Founder and Director Global Minds Initiative

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Israa Abdulmuttaleb

ESL Coordinator

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Ali Axtman

Vice President

Paul Kim

Paul Kim

Social Media Chair

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Olivia Knauer

Head of Recruitment

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Anna Marks

Fundraising Coordinator

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Daniela Naumov

Volunteer & Special Project Coordinator


Isabel Smith


With ongoing support and funding from the local community Global Minds Initiative is working to spread the message and programming to schools across the Pittsburgh region.

And with support from communities across the country, our goal is spread our message of compassion and understanding to schools across the country.