Global Minds Initiative is a for-youth, by-youth organization created to combat the issues of cultural intolerance and discrimination through an after school tutoring program between English-as-a-Second-Language (ESL) and Native English Speaking (NES) students.

Global Minds serves as an educational support system for ESL students, while educating NES students about other cultures, in order to create more globally minded young leaders.

Academic Preparedness

Global Minds ESL students are offered tutoring help, conversational English practice and additional language support. Global Minds provides students with the skills to succeed in the classroom setting and beyond. Student tutoring creates a strategic partnership that allows students to thrive on a personal and academic level.

Global Minds trains dedicated students with the skills and knowledge to become global leaders.


As an organization created by a high school student, Global Minds was founded on the empowerment of youth. Global Minds builds advocacy skills and confidence through empowering leadership opportunities. All activities are planned and facilitated by students. In addition, participants meet inspirational speakers, participate in service projects and identify issues within their communities.

Across the curriculum, members gain confidence in their student voice and are preparing to become leaders.

Community Engagement

Global Minds partners with nonprofits and community leaders to offer dynamic service learning to Global Minds students.

This direct engagement with the world outside of the classroom is essential to creating young leaders and supporting the needs of our city.

Global Friendships

The primary goal of Global Minds is to bridge students from diverse backgrounds through community service and activities centered around human rights, diversity, sustainable development and international relations.

Global Minds aims to create integration and community within school environments.

Cultural Identity

ESL students are encouraged to share their culture and background with their entire community. Students learn to value other languages, religions, and traditions through education and experiences.

Instead of assimilation, we encourage students to share their cultures and be a part of a collaborative student community.


Global Minds students celebrate diversity and create an inclusive environment where all students feel safe, accepted and involved. Students are open to each other’s ideas and work as a dynamic group to achieve common goals.


Peyton Klien laughing with students

The 2016 election, both during an in the aftermath, brought turmoil and an alarming rise in the number of hate crimes. Then fifteen-year-old Peyton Klein, like many, wanted to take action.

After noticing the issues of cultural intolerance and the exclusion of immigrants and refugees at her own high school, Klein decided to do whatever she could to combat these issues.

Through her prior involvement in peace education and leadership programs, and with the help of teachers and faculty at Taylor Allderdice High School, Klein created Global Minds Initiative.

Global Minds Initiative combats the issues of cultural intolerance, ignorance and discrimination through one-on-one after school tutoring and activities with English as a Second Language (ESL) and Native English Speaking (NES) students.

Global Minds serves as educational support for both ESL and NES students.

With ongoing support and funding from the local community Global Minds Initiative is working to spread the message and programming to schools across the Pittsburgh region.

And with support from communities across the country, our goal is spread our message of compassion and understanding to schools across the country.